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Apex Booty Pop is a skin enhancement topical cream that has proven to help improve the appearance and visibility of stretch marks, cellulite, signs of aging and also helps promote the appearance of a fuller, rounder, firmer and toned buttocks, giving women the beautiful body they can’t wait to show off.

Men and women both want an attractive body. Men want to build muscle and women want a tiny waist, bigger breasts, and a bigger butt to accentuate her curves. However, achieving these physical attributes and reaching physique goals can be challenging, especially since individuals have different body types and react differently to physical activity and dieting. Therefore, getting a bigger booty can be more challenging for some individuals when compared with others.
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Apex Booty Pop is designed with a unique formula, which includes a blend of natural active ingredients. The natural ingredients all help to make skin tighter and firmer.

Although Apex Booty Pop is not manufactured in an FDA-approved facility or is not FDA approved, Apex Vitality does offer a risk-free, no-cost trial for users who want to try the product before committing to a monthly supply as well as excellent customer service and an honorable return policy. Apex Booty Pop is also offering a free, no-cost trial, allowing users to try the product for free before committing to a long-term, monthly subscription and shipment of Apex Booty Pop.

Ingredients of Apex Booty Pop Cream

Green Tea: Green Tea provides a number of health benefits. For example, Green tea is mostly known for its powerful antioxidants to help the skin’s complexion, fight against signs of aging, and even promote health below the skin surface.

Soy Protein: Soy protein is a protein that is extracted from the soybean. Soybeans are an excellent source of fiber, iron, calcium, zinc and B vitamins. Although there are a number of benefits to consuming soybeans, the B vitamins are what are really essential here.

Macadamia Seed Oil: Macadamia seed oil has proven to be highly beneficial for the skin surface and even beneath the surface. Macadamia seed oil is a lightweight oil that is absorbed through the skin without leaving skin feeling greasy or sticky. Macadamia seed oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which have exceptional moisturizing as well as anti-inflammatory properties to help regenerate and soften the skin.

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How does Apex Booty Pop Cream work?

Apex Booty Pop is designed with a unique formula of natural active ingredients that we weren’t able to find in any other butt enhancement or skin cream product.

Some butt enhancement creams and skin cream products contained some of the same ingredients as what is present in Apex Booty Pop, but the blend of ingredients in Apex Booty Pop specifically makes a difference.

The combination of natural active ingredients in Apex Booty help to restore moisture levels in the skin, leaving a soft and smooth appearance, and also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, which are what gives the butt area that flabby, loose, saggy and unattractive appearance. Not only does Apex Booty help make the skin in the butt area tighter and firmer through the production of fat cell growth, it also helps the body to store the necessary fatty acids specifically in the butt area to give the look and feel of a rounder, firmer, and fuller buttocks—and without any unwanted weight gain.

However, like many other skin care products, individual results will vary, so some customers have claimed that it may take up to several months before users begin to see noticeable results.

How to Use Apex Booty Pop Cream

Apex Booty Pop is a booty enhancer cream, so it is applied directly to the butt area. Apex Booty Pop cream can also be applied to the hips and thighs for the appearance of tighter, firmer, and toned skin. It is recommended to apply a dime-size amount of Apex Booty Pop cream after a shower or bath. After drying, apply a drop of booty pop cream to the freshly dried and clean skin surface. Allow the booty enhancer cream to dry for a few minutes before putting on clothes. Apex Booty Pop cream is not greasy and will not stain your clothes.

By combining booty pop cream, maintaining a regular and healthy diet, and performing regular butt-building exercises, users will definitely see desired results, and perhaps in less time.

Side Effects of Apex Booty Pop Cream

Apex Booty Pop contains the necessary ingredients to help treat the skin, reducing the appearance of aging, dimples, wrinkles, cellulite and/ or stretch marks. However, users who may be prone to allergic reactions to specific Apex Booty Pop cream ingredients may experience some minor itching and irritation, especially those with sensitive skin. Some pregnant women have reported having sensitive skin during pregnancy, so pregnant women—or women who think they may be pregnant—may want to caution against using Apex Booty Pop or speak with their gynecologist or health care physician prior to trying Apex Booty Pop booty cream. Additionally, users who are allergic to certain ingredients should speak with a licensed health care physician or dermatologist or should refrain from using Apex Booty Pop cream altogether.


  • Unique Blend of Powerful Enlargement Ingredients
  • Great Value For Price
  • No Weight Gain
  • Reduces Cellulite and Stretch Marks


  • Allergic Reaction, Though Rare
  • Itching In The First 3 – 5 Application
  • May Cause Skin Sensitivity
  • Requires Light Exercise To Work Faster

Customer Reviews

Apex Booty Pop cream is a smooth, soft, and high powered moisturizer that not only helps keep skin soft and hydrated, it is also an excellent treatment for cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles to help promote skin health as well as anti-aging skin. Individuals who were active and maintained a healthy and consistent diet and also used Apex Booty Pop cream on a daily basis have claimed to see noticeable results in the skin surface in the butt area as well as a bigger, fuller booty in a matter of weeks. Customers have also claimed to lose weight, burn fat, and get toned buttocks.


All in all, Apex Booty Pop cream has proven to be a skincare product and booty enhancer cream that is proven to work, and that many customers are happy with and also recommend to other women who are interested in getting back beautiful skin in the butt area, improve body shape, and the body of their dreams, without increasing their waistlines or causing any negative side effects.

In summary, Apex Booty Pop cream has proven to be a safe, natural, and effective butt enhancement solution that helps women get a beautiful, fuller, and bigger booty in the best possible ways without having to resort to surgical or cosmetic procedures or dangerous Brazilian butt injections or implants, cosmetic surgery or any other dangerous procedures.


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