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Premarin cream for vaginal dryness


The parts of a woman’s body that get thinner as she ages are the ones she wants to stay plump: the skin on her face and the lining of her vagina.

Facial skin thins when collagen is lost, and vaginal tissue thins when estrogen decreases. Both cause dryness.

Vaginal dryness, and vaginal atrophy known as atrophic vaginitis, is one of the most common and irritating symptoms of menopause. It may cause itching and burning and, in severe cases, tears in the vaginal walls. The decrease in estrogen can make the vagina more susceptible to infection as the normally acidic pH becomes more alkaline.

On top of that, a dry vagina makes your sex life lousy.

There are several products that can help — from over-the-counter lubricants and moisturizers to prescription medications like Premarin cream that are applied vaginally.

Many prescription medications like Premarin contain estrogen, which helps to increase natural moisture and maintain an acidic pH in the vagina.

Vaginal estrogen products like Premarin can be very effective in treating dryness. There are a number of methods currently available for taking estrogen vaginally.

Two options are Premarin cream and Estrace. Both are very well absorbed.

Estrogen creams (such as Estrace/estradiol cream or Premarin/conjugated estrogen vaginal cream) are the most popular vaginal estrogen creams for this purpose.

Overall Premarin Vaginal Cream (Conjugated Estrogens) works well for vaginal problems caused by menopause, and it has fewer side effects than estrogen pills. Premarin Vaginal Cream (Conjugated Estrogens) relieves vaginal dryness and irritation to make sex more enjoyable.

Conjugated Estrogen: A formulated version of the hormone, estrogen, conjugated estrogens are used primarily to treat women going through menopause, as it reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes.

Additionally, it may be used to prevent the bone density loss that comes along with reduced estrogen levels, and is therefore often recommended as a way to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in older women.

In some cases, conjugated estrogens are used by both men and women to treat certain cancers.

However, Premarin has its own bad points. And both Premarin and Estrace are NOT the magical bullets that work like magic and make all your sexual woes disappear.

1. Some Estrogen gets absorbed into your blood while using Premarin or Estrace

Now, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Both the options Premarin cream and Estrace are very well absorbed.

Some women think that because you apply the cream only inside your vagina, none of it will get into the rest of your body. This isn’t the case. Some of the estrogen is absorbed into your blood.

In fact, both Premarin and Estrace raise your blood levels of estrogen much the same as estrogen pills.

It can be good if your sex drive is also low. The estrogen in blood can help with libido and hot flashes a little.

It can be bad because with prolonged estrogen therapy, there is also an increased risk of breast cancer. That’s why some women prefer estrogen-free vaginal cream for treating the dryness.

Overall, when you read reviews by women using premarin or estrace cream for dryness on various forums, you find out that in about half of the cases the cream didn’t work for increasing libido.

That’s why several experts think that overall the cons of using an estrogen cream solely for vaginal dryness or female libido outweigh the benefits in the long run, because you are also getting exposed to risks of cancer.

Besides, there are some natural libido enhancement options, which help to enhance the natural estrogen production in the body, thereby acting at reversing the hormonal aging process. The process which is causing the vaginal dryness, and lack of libido in the first place.

HerSolution system and Hersolution gel is one such product and can be used safely and effectively along with an estrogen cream like Premarin and Estrace.

There are concerns that vaginal exposure to estrogen might increase the risk of uterine or breast cancer in susceptible women.

Over three decades ago there was evidence that vaginal estrogen cream (Premarin) could be absorbed rapidly and efficiently into the bloodstream (JAMA, Dec. 14, 1979). More recent studies have confirmed that estrogen in vaginal creams or tablets (Vagifem) is readily absorbed into the body (Annals of Oncology, April 2006; Menopause, Jan., 2009).

Please discuss the benefits and risks with your physician. According to The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics, the long-term safety of vaginal estrogen creams remains unclear (Feb. 23, 2009).

2. Vaginal estrogen cream may cause yeast infection

Several women have reported that Premarin or other vaginal cream gave them a yeast infection.

Here is one report from Hystersisters.com

I was on Premarin last year as a “peri menopausal” test of sorts. She started me out on the creme. Ack, that was messy and I hated it! Didn’t do a thing for the dryness, but gave me a nice yeast infection. Then, when I told her at the 2 week appt. it had given me an infection, she told me that she knew it would do that but thought that the benefits would out weigh it!

3. Your body quickly builds tolerance

With subsequent use, the estrogen cream begins losing its efficiency in treating the vaginal dryness.

You only need a low dose of these products. One study found that a dose of 0.1 mg provided effective relief from vaginal dryness. When you start using vaginal cream, you apply a small dab just inside your vagina daily for three or four weeks.

Then you can reduce your use to once or twice a week.

If you apply it daily for more than four to six weeks, it becomes less effective.

But, with low dosage of once or twice a week, the benefits can also reduce. So, it’s like a catch-22 situation.

4. Does not cure hot flashes comprehensively from the inside out

While estrogen cream may help with hot flashes a little, estrogen pills work more strongly to cure the hot flashes. However, with both the products- estrogen cream and pills, the problems are two:-

i. Increased risk of breast cancer

ii. The estrogen replacement therapy which uses pills and creams doesn’t restore the hormonal disorders that’s causing the vaginal dryness and hot flashes in the first place.

This means that while vaginal creams and pills work as Natural estrogen.

But, they don’t ENCOURAGE your body to make estrogen Naturally. Like the way your body made it , when you were young.

If you’re not lubricating enough during sex, you’re probably suffering from hormonal, nutritional, or stress-induced imbalances that may be robbing you of the natural desire for sexual intimacy!

An estrogen cream does NOT help your body fix this hormonal disorder/imbalance for good, on its own.

Applying external estrogen, does NOT mean you are helping the body make its own estrogen Naturally.

In this situation, we recommend an oral supplement like the HerSolution™ Daily Supplement which focuses on restoring the inner hormonal balance naturally.

It is a carefully formulated natural supplement that contains a very precise blend of herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs that work together to gently and naturally help restore your desire for and enjoyment of sex.

According to Dr. Karen Vieira

“Her Solution’s unique formula is aimed at optimizing all parameters in the female reproductive system. The herb hops has been shown to normalize estrogen activity, promote desire and relieve vaginal dryness. Tribulus and “horny goat weed” have both been successfully used as aphrodisiacs, enhancing sexual function and desire. Mucana pruriens optimizes the production of dopamine, a brain chemical involved in feelings of sexual pleasure.

Ginkgo biloba, cayenne and vitamin B3 all improve circulation and oxygenation, and improve the ability to climax. Lastly, the hormonal ingredients DHEA and melatonin may increase sexual thoughts, and balance the female reproductive cycle.”

And this is what she says about Hersolutiongel

“Several products exist for the purpose of providing vaginal moisture and lubrication, but virtually all of the other options fall short in a few key areas. The first is that they are meant as simple one-time use solutions. On a day that you don’t use it, there will be no effect. In contrast, HerSolution™ Gel gradually restores optimal body conditions with daily usage. This indicates that actual healing is taking place rather than just masking a problem.

A second factor is that HerSolution™ Gel contains ingredients not only meant to enhance lubrication, but also for improved circulation, enhanced libido and increased climax sensation. Finally, HerSolution™ Gel only contains ingredients proven safe in the medical literature, while several other products include harsh parabens that can negatively alter hormonal balance.”

Overall, The Hersolution system along with their gel work almost as good in treating vaginal dryness and hot flashes as a typical estrogen cream like Premarin and Estrace, BUT without the caveats of cancerous side effects and tolerance.

The Hersolution system can also complement a vaginal estrogen therapy. So, if you have decided to use Pemarin or Estrace for the long term, you can also use Hersolution side by side, and help balance and restore your estrogenic balance and endocrine health.

4. Premarin Does not help much with lubrication.

It’s important to remember that Premarin cream is not a lubricant. Most women still use K-Y Jelly or Astroglide or another type of lubricant before having sex.

We recommend Hersolution gel to use along with Premarin, because besides providing lubrication, it also works to enhance the libido and enhancing blood circulation around vagina.

5. In most cases, Estrogen cream Does not help with female libido

Most women fail to understand that while estrogen is linked to libido or sex drive, they are still very different things.

There are other hormones like testosterone, responsible for female libido.

There are countless experiences of women, that while the Estrogen cream did help them with the vaginal dryness, but was unable to help much with the libido. Their sex drive continued to be negligible or on the low side.

These women usually opt for testosterone therapies to increase their libido, usually a T gel like Androgel or they use natural herbal supplements like Ginkgo biloba, Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium sagitattum etc. to treat the lack of sex drive.

In our opinion, that is one area where The Hersolution system beats premarin cream. Because the former takes care of all the female sexual issues, including the female libido.

The system contains a personal libido enhancing lubricant as well as the herbal supplement Hersolution oral tablets that contain these herbs that increase testosterone and female libido.

6. Premarin has lots of side effects associated with it


Side effects associated with taking conjugated estrogen may include breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, bloating, gas, weight gain or loss and shifts in mood.

More serious side effects include breast lumps, irregular bleeding, depression, memory loss, numbness, excess sweating, dizziness or swelling of the legs and more.

Even more serious, the product website warns that taking this product comes with an increased risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers, as well as heart attack, stroke and more.

7. There are lots of Bad Consumer reviews besides Positive ones

A lot of bad consumer reviews of Premarin need to be considered before opting for Premarin as long term treatment for vaginal dryness and lack of libido.

Review 1

“Unfortunately, after about a month or so of taking Premarin, my hair has started to fall out, I’m bloated and still having hot flashes. I’m not happy with the results, and will continue to try different solutions.”

Review 2

“At first, Premarin was really good. But, now my hot flashes are coming back, and I tear up at the drop of a hat. My doctor won’t increase my dosage either, as she says it may raise my risk for breast cancer.”

Review 3

I used the cream for 8 days. Felt pain, dryness and swelling in Vaginal area trying to insert the syringe with the Premarin creme on the 7th day of use. Tried again on the eighth day and it hurt too much couldn’t even insert the tube felt too swollen. Made an appointment to see the doctor did a pap and said everything looked fine and lab came back normal. Have not used the product for two weeks still feel swollen and dryness with pain. Do people ever feel doctors do not understand their patients concerns and fears of using unknown hormones. When you can read all the negative side affects of medications or hormones. It is so hard now a days to trust your physicians.

Review 4

I was prescribed the Premarin cream today for mild discomfort and burning when I urinate. I am post-menopausal, aged 55. The symptoms only began approx 4 mos ago.

After reading all these comments I told my Dr. I’d like to hold off. As it is, I have long been against hormone replacement therapies because my former physician talked to me about cancer links. I got talked into using the cream today and I realize it’s safer than the pill, but I also see a lot of risks.

I write about science and know that all it takes is the next study to reveal with the studies to date might not show. As long as I am only about a .05 on the discomfort scale, this isn’t worth it for me now, is it?

Review 5

I have a belly bloat while using Premarin. Very upsetting to walk around appearing 4 months pregnant all the time. I, too, maintain a healthy weight and diet so this is very disturbing; but the alternative of the vaginal burning/discomfort is worse! I’m trying to back down to the least possible dose once a week until I see my MD again. Also – regarding the people who have trouble with the cream continuing to flow out of tube after filling applicator – here is what I have found works: Press the tube from bottom VERY slowly to desired fill line. When filled, gently squeeze the bottom of the tube (empty section) from the SIDES just below where the level of the cream in the tube is. This serves to suck the cream back into the tube a little bit. I agree it is very annoying that this expensive medication wants to gush out and result in waste. Poor product design.

Review 6

They made the tube smaller, and increased price 300% since I have been taking it, about seven years.

It is over $300 a tube now.

I doubt the tube has 30 grams. I use needle-nosed pliers to squeeze every possible drop from tube when near the end, yet still get only 22 doses from the tube.

Tube is poorly designed and product sometimes keeps on coming out by itself.
I take off the cap, put the tube cap on on it’s side near the edge of my tall dresser ready to recap, fill the syringe right in front of it, then quickly pick up the cap and replace it quickly jam it on the tube. Otherwise, I would waste grams of the stuff.

What a rip off! Who do I complain to?

Review 7

I use the premarin cream twice a week, works well. Yes the tube was an issue because it ooozed the cream out, but i found a solution to pull back the ointment back in the tube each time by pressing on the side of the tube. It works and now i dont looze any of the medication. So i press in the middle from the bottom to push it out and immediately after I press on the sides slowly to pull it back, take some practice, but i made it work. Good luck. Sorry I didnt have any of the bad side effects from this products and Im on it for 4 years.

Review 8

I used the cream for 8 days. Felt pain, dryness and swelling in Vaginal area trying to insert the syringe with the Premarin creme on the 7th day of use. Tried again on the eighth day and it hurt too much couldn’t even insert the tube felt too swollen. Made an appointment to see the doctor did a pap and said everything looked fine and lab came back normal. Have not used the product for two weeks still feel swollen and dryness with pain. Do people ever feel doctors do not understand their patients concerns and fears of using unknown hormones. When you can read all the negative side affects of medications or hormones. It is so hard now a days to trust your physicians.


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