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African Black Ants pill combines the powers of traditional Tibetan healing, unique herbs & natural ingredients. Less adverse effects, quicker effecting and long duration of it potency lasts as long as 120 hours. Africa Black Ant Main ingredients: Saffron, caterpillar fungus, lotus, deer penis, Tibetan yak testis, fur seal penis, hippocampus, etc.

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African Black ant pills




Natural black ant pills are very powerful male sex enhancement supplement. This pill is an up-to-date product released after the successful trial of the clinic experiment. black ant pills is a well-known herbal male drug and possess a safe, hard & long-lasting erections. It helps adult men experiencing the male impotence to maintain more and longer male climax. This pill has no dangerous negative effects & daily consumption may improve overall health.

Black ant pills can treat the sexual disorders like Impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, weak sperm, decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, small penis, prostatitis, low libido, poor sex drive, low sperm count, poor sperm quality, early ejaculation, weak or poor orgasms etc.

This powerful herbal and naturally formulated pill enhance men sexual functionality and keep robust longer lasting effect on the body. It strengthens the erections along with strong libido and eliminates erection problems as well as ejaculation problems. Black ant pills also improve overall body health.

Black Ant pill is an all-natural and herbal pill which is supposed to work near promptly to promote a healthy sexual libido for men and women both. There are several sexual dysfunction products available in the market, but Black ant pills promise to be different in various ways. Based on ancient Chinese research, study and holistic therapy, black ant pill is said to be one of the best alternatives to many sex enhancement products in the market. The reason is herbal ingredients and natural formulation of the pill.

Who Should Take Black Ant Pills?

Black Ant Pills is intended for male adults only. If you want to level up your game in terms of sexual performance, trying an effective male enhancement supplement might be a good idea.

You just need to make sure that the product you pick is reliable and safe enough. You definitely do not want to compromise your safety over short-term benefits that may even bring potential risks and side effects.

How Does Black Ant Pills Work?

Natural herbs and other trace minerals are used to come up with the Black Ant Pills formulation. The effect is said to last for up to seven days. It works by first increasing the testosterone levels of the body. When this happens, early or premature ejaculation will be prevented.

There seems to be an updated product for this which is the Black Ant King Pill. It is said to be intended for the same purpose, which is to improve sexual activities in men. It may also be helpful in improving the general health.

Here are some of the promised benefits of taking Black Ant Pills:

  • improved overall health
  • enhanced sexual functionality
  • prevention or elimination of premature ejaculation
  • stronger erections
  • enhanced libido


Black ant pills ingredients include –

  • Polyrhachisvicina Roger (Black Ant) %u2013 This tonic herb is said to be powerful enough to help increase sexual vitality. Ants, in general, contain essential vitamins and minerals. Black ant is known to aid in fertility, potency, better digestion and musculoskeletal functions.
  • Formica Sanguinea %u2013 This blood-red ant works similarly like the polyrhachisvicina roger. It can help in boosting immunity.
  • Ginseng root extract %u2013 Ginseng is a usual ingredient when talking about male enhancement supplements. It can help in improving blood flow, increasing energy levelsand enhancing quality of erections.
  • Hippocampi Also known as sea horse extract, this ingredient is beneficial for the prostate and sex organs.
  • Medlar  Medlar is known to be an aphrodisiac. It is also good for constipation, bloated stomach and metabolism.

The ingredients also include a proprietary blend that%u2019s made up of trace minerals and essential amino acids. This is also where the secret ingredients of Black Ant Pills are combined.

Black Ant Pills Side Effects

There should be no side effects to be expected upon using Black Ant Pills since the ingredients are claimed to be all natural. However, the presence of secret ingredients and the proprietary blend is somewhat causing a warning signal.

In 2015, the FDA issued a warning advise regarding Black Ant King. It was confirmed that this pill contains sildenafil, which is an active ingredient that you can also find in viagra. Sildenafil is known to possibly interact with the nitrates that can be found in certain prescription drugs.

Nitrates are often ingested by people who are with heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Be sure to always check with your doctor first before taking any supplement, particularly if you are known to have any medical condition.

Black Ant Pills Dosage

It is recommended that you take one capsule of Black Ant Pills at least 30 minutes before your sexual activity. This should be enough for 24 hours and must not exceed daily dosage.

If the erection stays longer than expected or needed, you may take a lot of cold water to dilute its effect.

User Reviews

Review 1

Hard to buy it now but it seemed to work for me before.

Review 2

Tried and tested for 2 months – but getting good result.

Review 3

Not bad but not super effective.