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Cianix is a male enhancement product that helps you to perform, both in the bedroom and at the gym. It contains all natural ingredients that boost levels of testosterone leading to higher energy levels, stamina, bulkier muscles, and increased sex drive.

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Cianix is a male enhancement product that helps you to perform, both in the bedroom and at the gym. It contains all natural ingredients that boost levels of testosterone leading to higher energy levels, stamina, bulkier muscles, and increased sex drive.

Cianix is a supplement that contains a combination of natural ingredients that work together to boost your testosterone levels and also provide your body with essential antioxidants. These ingredients are purely from plants and safely stimulate your body systems to produce more of this hormone.. With increased testosterone comes many benefits ranging from improved physical looks, high moods and energy, better performance in sex and other health benefits. The muscle growth ability of testosterone will also make your penis to slightly elongate.


Cianix ingredients include –


A powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals from your body protecting it from diseases. It also assists with sperm production.

 Boron amino acid chelate

This ingredient greatly improves male hormone levels raising your moods and concentration. This enables you to have great sexual experiences.

Nettle extract

It%u2019s a popular ingredient that has many health benefits including being a powerful antioxidant and a killer of many microbes.


It raises sperm count, and also the quality of the sperm leading to improved fertility levels.

Wild yam extract

This ingredients works to give you energy. You will feel active throughout taking longer to feel tired than before.

Saw palmetto

This ingredient raises levels of the male hormones testosterone and androgen. It%u2019s a remedy for problems of erectile function in older men.

Tongkat Ali

It%u2019s often used to improve sex drive, to increase energy levels and as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.


It increases levels of testosterone in your circulation to give you all those masculine qualities of muscle and sex.

What are the benefits of using Cianix?

They are many, all working together towards the betterment of your overall health. They include:

1. It raises levels of testosterone in your body
Your masculinity depends on this hormone. With age, it starts to reduce and you gradually lose your treasured masculinity. Which means your muscles starting to disappear and your libido taking a nosedive. Upon taking Cianix, all these are restored and you feel more energetic. Low levels of this hormone that comes with age will then not affect you. You will feel young all over again.

2. It keeps a safe balance with other hormones
You will not need to worry about hormonal imbalance that comes with other types of supplements. It will not mimic any hormone in your body. It only works by promoting their production by your body systems.

3. It gives you that perfect physique
Who doesn%u2019t need that body shape that makes heads turn? Cianix promotes growth of body muscles in a natural and controlled way and you eventually get that perfect look.

4. It helps to build your confidence.
Well toned muscles make you feel good about yourself and your self esteem improves. Knowing that you will perform in bed can boost your sexual confidence and overall self image.

5. It enhances your stamina
Cianix contains ingredients that help to boost your energy levels. As a result, you are able to withstand workouts for longer. Exercises at the gym will then become easier as well as day to day activities. The increased energy also means you are able to last longer in bed which is a plus in your sex life.

6. It boosts up your sex drive and desire
Your libido increases on taking Cianix and you will feel more manly. You will be able to satisfy your partner.No more flimsy excuses to not have sex.

7. It helps in making your body muscular and toned
Cianix contains ingredients that stimulate production of testosterone This hormone is responsible for muscle build up. This is the reason why you will experience muscle growth soon after you start taking it. And because its natural, your muscle growth will be safe and long lasting

8. It leads to longer orgasms and prevents erectile dysfunction
This supplement helps you to attain and retain an erection for longer. It%u2019s especially useful to men experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The improved blood circulation ensures proper supply of blood to the penis to maintain an erection.

9. It helps to reduce fat in your body
Cianix helps your muscle to grow and helps you shed fat. However you will have to combine this with exercise to see better results.

10. It has no side effects
Because it%u2019s natural there are no reported side effects in using Cianix. For the whole period of time I have been using it, I haven%u2019t experienced anything I would term as a side effect. I%u2019m all healthier that before.

How is it taken?

Cianix comes in a packet of 60 tables. They are taken twice a day, in the morning and evening before meals. The pills are designed to be easy to swallow, you will only need lukewarm water to do it.

Does Cianix have side effects?

The answer is no. And this is because all the ingredients are natural plant extracts. There%u2019s no evidence of anyone having experienced adverse effects upon using Cianix. And I didn%u2019t too after using it for months, so I can attest to its safety.

User Reviews

Review 1

I have personally used this product when aging started taking a toll on me. My muscles were degenerating and fat was building up. My libido was going to such low levels that I found myself avoiding my wife. It%u2019s several moths now and my whole life has completely changed. You should see my muscles, not to mention my bedroom performance. The erectile dysfunction that was creeping in has since gone, and my relationship with my wife is a lot better now.