BlueChew vs Get Roman : Which is better prescription ED service ?


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All in all, both BlueChew and Roman are good options, have similar services, giving you the option to buy generic sildenafil (ingredient in Viagra) and generic tadalifil (ingredient in Cialis) online through tele-medicine ie. online consultation.

We recommend BlueChew because chewable form is faster acting. And  BlueChew gives it in 30mg. pills.

Pricing wise, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, assuming the same doses of sildenafil, it can come out as $3.57 per dose for BlueChew (according to their popular plan) and for, it would be like $3 per dose.

But, as we said, BlueChew gives you chewable pills which are faster acting and moreover there might be other costs involved with online consultancy with GetRoman.

*Your total price for your treatment plan can be different based on your uses and shipment frequency. You will be able to choose your preference during online visit. Visit for more information.

BlueChew’s customer reviews

Here are the types of reviews that Bluechew customers are leaving…

“Bluechew restored my confidence and put a spring in my step and wind in my sails.” Tommy O.

“Just bought bluechew. I dont even need dick pills lmao.” – bumblre (reddit)

“Just copped me a 5 pack for $6.95 with a promo code. Combined with this horny goat weed i’m expecting my dikk to be shooting out laser beams like.” – Silkk (

“It’s the future of manhood.” – Alan S.

“I am all natural and don’t have ED probs but this seems to be a game changer. Right now my stack is zinc, lecithin, B-12 and in the gym” – skeetsinternal (

Andrew Schultz is promoting it on his podcasts and his crew said that they was going longer and busting more than ever. One dude even said he got bigger. I don’t have ED, but I may have to try it out just to see for myself. – KingBeez

“BlueChew has strengthened our relationship. It’s like it’s the honeymoon phase all over again.” Shaheed C.

“After issues with my first order and a couple of not so helpful customer service reps, the rep here on fb stepped in and was very helpful and got everything worked out. Got my shipment, and I will say that the product does work!” – Chris Allen

This stuff is the real deal!!! I’m not paid or reimbursed with product to say this. I’m just an average guy who was looking for a confidence booster and I cannot recommend this product enough. I’m happy, my lady is happy and I’m so glad to have this product available. To anyone wondering if it’s something for them or not, just try it because you won’t be disappointed. – Lars Johnson

Bluechew has worked as stated in adds. I do require two pill for each encounter. One pill is not strong enough for desired result. I look forward to my next mailing u hop ir arrives very soon. – Cary Winslett

What states are BlueChew and Roman available in?

Bluechew is NOT available in the following states:

North Dakota
South Carolina

Roman is currently NOT available in:

North Dakota
South Dakota

South Carolina: we are only able to treat Cold Sores and Hair Loss at this time.
Minnesota: we are only able to treat Cold Sores and Hair Loss at this time.

Some states will require a phone call or a video chat. After you complete your dynamic medical history, your physician will follow up with the appropriate next steps.

Refund Policy: BlueChew vs. Roman

Bluechew carries a 30-day refund policy from the date of order if shoppers are discontented, although they can’t take back any prescription medications.

For Roman, the online doctor visit costs $15. This doesn’t include the cost of your medication (if prescribed). If a physician determines you’re not a good candidate for telemedicine, you’ll get a full refund for your online visit.

Bottomline: BlueChew vs. Roman

All in all, both the services are great telemedcine options to visit a doctor online at a very affordable cost. They are not covered by insurance but the cost of online visit and price of generic drugs are very affordable as compared to traditional drugs and medicines.

BlueChew handles you sildenafil in chewable form, which is advantageous. But, Roman is available in more states.

Price-wise they seem to be on the same level.

We hope the above information can help you decide which is the better option for you.

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