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OK, you are tired of your small, average, or ‘below average’ penis size. And there seems to be so many programs everywhere making claims and assurances that they can help you increase the size of your penis.

When looking for a penis enlargement program, it is very good to be careful and be sure that the programs you choose do not have any grave side effects. Ironically, many of the enlargement programs do. Some are more comprehensive and still safe.

Matters of Size is one such penis enlargement program from Michael Salvini aka Doublelongdaddy DLD, that got a lot of press coverage and quickly got popular among a lot of people wanting to enhance their penis size.

According to Michael, Matters of Size is the world’s most comprehensive Natural Penis Enlargement program available and Penis Enlargement by Matters of Size is a whole new approach to Natural Male Enhancement.

Matters of Size Natural Penis Enlargement uses a unique 5 Phase program to teach you the power of the Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises featuring techniques DLD personally developed that are only available here.

The 5 Phases in Matters of Size are extremely organized with their own routines & descriptions. Each exercise has it’s own corresponding Penis Enlargement Video, text description and illustration giving you ultimate comprehension.

Our take

We believe that Male enhancement coach by Big Al, is a better, more comprehensive and more user friendly penis enlargement program. We recommend Male enhancement coach over Matters of Size.

User reviews

Some user reviews claim that although the program is good, the Matters of Size forum isn’t that user friendly. Also, his program has a lots of upsells, some users claim that the owner of program even pushes for useless products.

However, there seems to be an equal number of people having benefited from the program as well. Overall, user reviews are a mixed bag..

I’m familiar with DLD’s program, but I never practiced it exactly as he did. However, my starting P.E. routine, (I didn’t belong to a forum for the first five months of my P.E. “career,”) was similar to DLD’s phase 1. And it worked for me just as it did for DLD.

Here’s my take on a 24/7 routine now: Although this was how I approached P.E. in late 2003 and early 2004, I have come around to a different mindset since then. First of all, nowadays, I don’t have the time nor do I have the motivation to practice such a strenuous routine. Secondly, my thinking is similar to those members of this forum and MOS that most men’s dicks need more than a 24 hour rest period after a heavy duty workout. I know DLD’s experience and philosophy differ in this regard.

Here is one other major difference between my jelqing routine then and now and DLD’s: My jelq stroke is much slower and more deliberate, lasting from three to five seconds. I also created for myself during my fifth month of P.E. what I call the “jelq/stretch combo,” that is, when I finish the downward jelq stroke, I end it with a hard stretch straight out and then downward, so that the entire stroke, including the stretch, may take up to five seconds or more. – going411by7

I would like to point out that DLD was banned from Thundersplace forum for photoshopped pictures of his penis. I encourage anyone who is interested in either side of the matter to investigate by reading the threads and posts of the DLD controversy on Thundersplace. I am a member at MOS and personally find DLD to not be credible. He is quick to ban anyone from the site for even questioning his “gains”. Some will cite his interview with Salon magazine as proof of his gains, but does a columnist from Salon know how we officially measure or the difference from measuring from the hip vs. bone pressed vs. underneath the shaft? Measuring variations can greatly skew measurements. Furthermore, look at the way products are pushed on MOS, it is an intelligently, but unethically run marketing operation. Members can disagree, but I felt someone needed to express a different viewpoint for newbies. – JohnDoe

This is the one I love. At the 26:50 mark were DLD claims that he found some backdoor to a website and then translated Arabic to discover Jelqing. Video is 2006 and he claims he did it 7 years before. Considering that maybe a year to produce the video that would be about 1998. Modern day Indiana Jones bringing jelqing to the western world. – bhcentral

Jelqing has been around for a very long time, Way before DLD was around. Not bashing anyone just being honest here. He is a sale’s men. And alot of board’s are there for sale’s. But he is the worst one of all. He even go’s to the extent of telling folk’s how he is coming out with new product’s then never does. Lol. I been doing p.e. For about 3 years now and I just found this board and saw it does not endorse product’s I was shocked! It say’s alot about the board to me! No lying about a product because you need sale’s. I’ve tried alot of product’s and some that are promoted are over priced garbage. – 2 short

I know DLD has contributed for the popularity of PE, but after watching his documentary, there is something I dont like about him, dont know what. Btw I dont see anything bad at saling products.If you dont like the product, dont buy it.And there are some good exersises at the MoS archives, given for free.Take what is useful and ignore the rest. Look at his Length Master.This device costs 150 $.With little creativity and imagination, you can make something that uses the same principle for 5 $. – thegoat

The guy says that 24 hours is enough time to heal He also does this to keep up the habit of PE and avoid missing sessions. He says start with 7 days on/0 days off, then move on to 6 days on/1 day off, and eventually 5 days on, 1 day off…no less then that.

I’ve started phase 1 but am still doing 1 Day ON/1 DAY OFF, eventually moving to 2 DAYS ON/1 DAY OFF, and so on.

After doing MoS Phase 1 Routine for just 1 day i’ve noticed awsome PI’s.
The best flaccid hang i’ve seen so far and the composure of my penis was much softer, MUCH softer like it had been pounded to a pulp with a mallet or something. Sounds messed up but this is definately good.

Also experienced some dryness for the first time but that was easily solved. – JohnnyBlaze

Let me jump in here just to remind people that DLD had great success with this routine. It’s yea important, however, and Big Al has verified this in many of his observations, that you need to work up to this level. I started out slowly and practiced a strict jelqing routine for three months. THEN, and only then, did I add the stretches.

So in many respects, my “newbie” routine was quite different from what is described here. DLD was in favor of short jelq strokes. Mine were much longer. He was jelqing at close to a full erection. I would NEVER DO THAT. I jelqed at 30 % to 50 % erect, as did Kingpole.

I always erred on the side of safety. DLD has often expressed his take that the penis is most difficult to injure. I DO NOT AGREE WITH HIM IN THIS REGARD. I never experienced any bruising, red spots, venous leak, etc. etc. My dick looks as pink and pretty as it did before I started practicing p.e. If I had the kind of bruising and discoloration I have seen in pics posted at MOS and elsewhere, I don’t think I would be here praising the positive aspects of penis enlargement/enhancement.

I am in favor of taking from his routines what works for one, and leaving the rest. If I undertook this kind of approach to p.e. I would want someone to monitor my p.e. sessions on a daily basis. Just my opinion here. – going411by7


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